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First Global Ireson Limited, requires the services of agents. All individuals or companies with good office space, shops, café owners, with workable laptops, Desktop, smart phones and connected to internet facility are qualified to apply.  Duties of agents are to attend to the registration needs of the masses that are to subscribe for FGI Homesolution promo.

First Global Ireson Limited is currently running FGI Homesolution. It is a promo aimed at providing decent/affordable housing for the masses. The scheme is a housing promo where beneficiaries/subscribers participate by subscribing to a particular category (3 bedroom/annual house rent) where there will be random selection for winner(s) to emerge through the scheme. There shall be a quarterly draws for subscribers to be selected through a digital selection and draws will be placed at every first week of a new quarter. The housing type is three (3) bedroom apartment (worth #17, 000,000) and an annual house rent worth #500,000 per draw. For more information on the promo,

 All qualified individual, company(s) are to fill First Global Ireson Limited agent's registration form.

Consolidated rewards-  Any agent with the highest registration number of subscribers, stands to win  cash reward of #500,000 quarterly  and a 3bedroom flat for highest annually subscription centre. Other  agency rewards to be won are Laptops, iPads, Generators and smart phones.  

Note: Agency Annual Registration per slot is (N20,000), for those agents that want to run multiple centres are entitled to 16.5%  discount for their annual registration.

Agency registration/payment should be done via this Account Name: First Global Ireson Limited, Account Number: 2031754848, Bank: First Bank Plc, and submit scanned copy of payment and attach during submission of application.

FGIL HomeSolution Agent Form

accepted format: pdf, jpg

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