FGI Homesolution is a promo aimed at providing decent/affordable housing for the masses. The scheme is a housing promo where beneficiaries/subscribers participate by subscribing to a particular category (3 bedroom/annual house rent) where there will be random selection for winner(s) to emerge through the scheme. There shall be a quarterly draws for subscribers to be selected through a digital selection and draws will be placed at every first week of a new quarter. The housing type is three (3) bedroom apartment (worth #17, 000,000) and an annual house rent worth #500,000 per draw. Where subscribers can participate by subscribing as follows;

Pay Now for:

Annual House Rent Promo/ 3 Bedroom Apartment Promo


Home Solution Category Amount
Annual Rent Apartment Promo worth #500,000 N1,200
3 Bedroom Detached Apartment Promo N2,800

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