Why is housing important?

Housing is one of the best indicators of a person’s standard of living and his place in the society. Like food and clothing, housing ranks among the 3 basic human needs. Its availability is very crucial to the welfare of every human.

The performance of the housing sector is one of the yardsticks by which the health of a nation is measured.

Is Nigeria meeting the housing needs of its citizen?

No, this is because Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa. It is also one of the most rapidly urbanizing countries in Africa and over 48% of the population in Nigeria lives in the urban areas, covering less than 10% of the habitable land areas.

What is the current housing deficit rate in Nigeria?

Nigeria with a population of about 174 million people is currently facing a national housing deficit of about 17 million units.

  • What impact has this deficit rate on the living conditions of Nigerians?

The implications of this very high housing deficit is that tenants in rented apartments pay as high as 60% of their average disposable income far higher than the 20-30% recommended by the United Nations.

How will First Global Ireson bridge the gap of the housing deficit in Nigeria?

First Global Ireson Limited secured a Public Private Partnership (PPP) housing developer within the frame work of the national housing policy.

What type of houses will be provided by First Global Ireson Homesolution?

1. Annual House Rent Promo

2. Three bedroom semi-detach and detach bungalow

Are these houses limited to certain areas? Yes,

Houses are available in the following states;

1. Bauchi
2. Kaduna
3. Nasarawa
4. Enugu
5. Rivers
6. Lagos
7. Abuja

How can the Public key into First Global Ireson home solution project?

Through direct purchase

Flexible payment Plan

Promo participation

How can one participate in the Promo

Through FGI Home solution web site

Through selected collection centres

Through partner banks e.g First Bank plc, Hasal Micro finance bank

What are the means of identity for the Promo?

An active phone number

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