• The rule of the promo as developed by First Global Ireson Limited. Houses will be provided in the following states; Kaduna, Abuja, Nassarawa, Lagos, Bauchi, Enugu and Port Harcourt for every Nigerian to participate and selected winner(s) emerge during draws.

    Eligibility Criteria
  1. Once a winner is selected to own a property He/She is disqualified to subscribe again in future draws.
  2. Every subscriber must have active phone number.
  3. Home solution is open to the general public 18 years and above.
  4. Multiple subscribers are only entitled to one price during draw i.e if He/She subscribes multiple times.
  5. The staff of First Global Ireson Limited Company are not eligible to participate in the promo.
  6. The winner of Annual rent promo subscribers are qualified to participate throughout the seasons without restraint unlike those subscribing to own a house that are limited to one price.

    How to participate in the home solution promo?

  • Through our website subscription
  • Through Bank payment platform
  • Through approved collection centres by First Global Ireson Limited,
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